3 Ways To Save Contractors & Subcontractors Money 

3 Ways To Save Contractors & Subcontractors Money 

Utilizing BIM for accurate pricing, through planning,  and detailed documentation.

Your primary goal with every job is to make money, right? You want to offer the best quality service while keeping your crew on schedule and on budget. That’s construction 101. I get it.

What many contractors and subcontractors don’t realize about BIM is that it’s built to achieve exactly that for you. It can and will save you time, which always means money in your pocket. But, it actually goes far beyond that in the cost-saving benefits. Here’s how:

1. Sticking with our “not to exceed” price. 

When we give a bid for your job, you can count on that price. We cover every single detail of the specs to make sure everything you’ll need to know for that job is included. Then, we give you a hard number and we cannot go over that number unless we provide sufficient documentation and approval from you down the road. 

This allows you to present a solid bid with no financial surprises down the road. It’s also why, to provide a full bid, we need a decent time frame between a bid request and bid deadline. Calling the morning of your bid deadline and needing a bid by 4 pm will only create problems down the road. 

Instead, give us the time to study the plans, the engineer specifications, and what’s detailed out in the project so we can give you a complete, solid bid that you can bank on. 

2. Finding your major headaches before they become headaches.

Our job is to find the errors and issues that may not work in the field before you’re in the field. Think of us as your trouble-shooters. Once we’re hired for a project, our focus is on making sure every single piece, every fitting, every inch you need to make your job successful has been noted, calculated, and modeled in 3D to ensure it all works. 

This is a virtual construction of your project before the actual construction of your project. And it will save you pain, frustration, and, above all else, money in the end. 

What BIM provides is a clear plan of every detail of your job. If there’s an issue you’ll need to deal with, we’ll find it. You’ll know it’s coming. But, not only that, we’ll create a strategic solution, plan of attack, and even a list of all the materials (down to the exact number) you’ll need to complete the job. 

All of this comes before you’ve even stepped onto the job site. It gives you an edge in your time on the project, while also saving you incredible amounts of money on labor and material costs. Instead of coming back later to fix a problem, you can understand the issue and have a plan to make sure that problem never happens. You’ll know where every piece should go and how before your work even starts. Your successful completion of a project is how we gauge our success.

3. Giving you detailed documentation when change orders are needed

Not everything specified on an engineer or architect’s plans will go together seamlessly. The concept and measurements of a plan doesn’t always sync up to the realities once you’re in the field. This is a common issue in the industry. And, a common issue with your budget. 

When you need to go back to the general contractor with a change order, we can provide you with clear and direct documentation to support your request. Everything listed on that change order will be provable, detailed, and outlined down to the smallest detail. If there’s an issue in the plans, our plans provide justification when you need to increase your overall bid price. 

This benefit to BIM only has to be explained once, I’ve found. After they see the benefit, support, and protection this provides their profit margins, Integrated Design clients rave about this help. 

Ultimately, the biggest thing to remember about BIM services with Integrated Design is that we’re on your side. We’re part of your team. If you need to get material installed from Point A to Point B, we’re the advance team that makes sure the path is clear, the materials are on hand, and any problems have solutions. We’re your guide through the construction jungle and our goal is to get you to the end of your journey as painlessly and profitably as possible. 

If you have a specific question I can help answer about BIM, don’t hesitate to drop me a note in the comments. 


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